Multiplas International, Inc.
About Us


Multiplas specializes in the plastics industry supplying raw materials for manufacturers, converters and distributors of plastic products.
Our product line consists of:

  • Thermoplastic Resins

  • Chemicals & Additives

  • Flexible Packaging

  • Specialty Films

- BOPP films Tenter & Double Bubble, clear, matte, white,    pearlized and metalized,
- Vinyl films flexible and semi-rigid,
- Reinforced vinyl films & fabrics for awnings, tensioned    structures, tarps & etc.,
- Extruded films, laminated and co-extruded in PE, PP, BOPP,    Polyester, Aluminized & etc.,
- Barrier films for frozen poultry, cook-in and thermoforming in    up to 7 layers,
- Technical films in rolls,
- Woven polypropylene fabric (raffia), with or without lamination.

  • Equipment

Supplying the plastics industry for 22 years, Multiplas was able to develop a worldwide network of producers. We export products from the USA, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Europe.
This enables us to supply prime grade products with competitive prices and fast deliveries.

Our Brazilian & South American expertise allow us to offer effective support for drawback projects, import licenses, special financing and logistic.